Development of Health and Safety Management System

For over twenty-five years, SDS has developed hundreds of Health and Safety Management Systems which have achieved regulatory compliance, met industry requirements, COR requirements and relevant standards.

At SDS,  HSE consultants work with clients in planning, preparing, developing, and implementing their Health and Safety Management System. Clients have appreciated the value of their systems which incorporate best practices to produce the highest level of safety, eliminate redundancies, and streamline implementation.

Health and Safety Management Systems are designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness in client’s operations.

SDS has assisted its clients in successful implementation by ensuring that the following 8 elements are included:

  1. Management Leadership and Organization Commitment

  2. Hazard Identification and Assessment

  3. Hazard Control

  4. Work Site Inspections

  5. Worker Competency and Training

  6. Incident Reporting and Investigation

  7. Emergency Response Planning

  8.  Program Administration

Not only does SDS develop Health and Safety Management Systems; many of its clients have SDS manage their systems. SDS professionals ensure that client programs are current and coordinate their safety activities to maintain compliance with regulation. SDS has built a reputation as the go-to provider “when you need it done right”.

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