ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

Ensuring personnel Health & safety and protecting the environment

Environmental, Health & Safety management is about ensuring personnel health & safety and protecting the environment. The international standards are ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. SDS has assisted in developing and implementing management systems which are in compliance with these standards.  Furthermore, SDS consultants have conducted internal audits to this standards. Below is a summary of these standards.

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management that seeks to:

  • Minimize how operations negatively affect the environment

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations

  •  Continually improve the above

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally applied standard for occupational health and safety management that aids those compliant in:

  • Identifying and controlling health and safety risks

  • Reducing the potential for accidents

  • Achieving legal compliance

  • Improving overall performance

With its team of qualified and experienced EHS consultants, SDS has evaluated management systems of clients by using ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audit criteria. The goals of these projects have been: 

  • Identify strengths of the EHS management system

  • Identify areas of improvement and provide guidance on how the client can most effectively and efficiently improve its EHS management system

  • Document in a report the above findings to demonstrate compliance to ISO 14001 and OSHSAS 18001

SDS strives to assist clients in creating ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant management systems. As a result, clients enjoy improved efficiency, reduced accidents, and increased confidence in moving forward in a changing business landscape. SDS has built a reputation as the go-to provider “when you need it done right”.

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