Workplace hazards that can affect people, equipment and the environment must first be identified and assessed in order for them to be controlled. It is necessary to understand the nature of the hazards before you can control their risk. Knowledge of the hazards is the first step in the development of the health, safety and environment management system in any workplace. A job hazard / risk assessment may focus on all parts of business operations, including health and safety, environment, quality and production. This module focuses on the identification of the hazards, and assessment and prioritization of the risk of the hazards.

The objectives of the Job Hazard Assessment are:

  1. create an inventory of the tasks performed by each occupation in the workplace
  2. identify the hazards related to each job/task/process
  3. assess and prioritize the risks associated with each task and hazard
  4. demonstrate the ability to perform, and differentiate between, formal and specific hazard / risk assessments, inspections and task observations
  5. describe the different methods of hazard / risk control
  6. define rules, procedures, practices and codes of practice
  7. describe the hazard / risk control process
  8. describe the types of inspections
  9. describe how to conduct inspections and record observations
  10. identify methods used to encourage hazard reporting