SDS offers a 2-hour introductory course on Overpressure Risk Assessment (ORA). An ORA is required for AB-525 compliance. The course also examines the differences and similarities between ORA and HAZOP / PHA. 

this course covers the following topics:

1.     What is a HAZOP /PHA?

2.     Legal basis for HAZOP / PHA

3.     Process hazard identification methodologies

4.     Example of a HAZOP

5.     Legal basis for ORA New legislation – AB-525

6.     Definitions and key concepts of pressure relief valves

7.     Why and why not PSVs?

8.     What is ORA?

9.     4 ways to provide overpressure protection

10.  Analysis of AB-525

a.     Section 5.1 All pressure vessels and piping protected by PRVs (PSVs)

b.     Section 5.2 Overpressure protection provided by rupture disk or pin device

c.     Section 5.3 Piping OPPSD and pressure vessels protected by PRD

d.     Section 5.3.3 Requirements for monitoring systems

e.     Section 5.3.2 Design Submission (when OPPSD and PRV are used)

f.      Section 5.4 When only OPPSD is used for overpressure protection

11.  OPPSD and overprotection by other means

12.  Risk of non-compliance ABSA regulation

13.  Similarities and differences between PHA and ORA

14.  Risk ranking and ORA