Overpressure Risk Assessment (ORA)

SDS has experienced a growing demand for its Overpressure Risk Assessments (ORA) services.

This increase is due to new requirements for the registration for pressure equipment. These are stated in ABSA document AB-525 “Overpressure Protection Requirements for Pressure Vessels and Pressure” SDS clients have provided anecdotal evidence of ABSA enforcement of these requirements.

In short, an ORA is required when pressure equipment is protected by a pressure relief valve, rupture pin, overpressure by system design or other means. The ORA must use a systematic approach based on recognized standards and good engineering by qualified personnel through a multi-disciplinary team per Guidance on the Application of Code.

An ORA review must document all sources of overpressure based on all pump information and PSV calculations. As this information is not often available at the time of the HAZOP, an additional ORA review is often needed in order to register pressure equipment with ABSA.

SDS believes that the best process is to complete the HAZOP and then use this as input to the ORA at a late date once PSV calculations are available.  SDS save its clients considerable time and energy by providing both of these services.

SDS has built a reputation as the go-to provider “when you need it done right”.


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