This 1-day course teaches participants how to use PHA-Pro software, the industry standard for conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA). Most major oil and gas companies exclusively use PHA-Pro for their PHA studies. An efficient tool that captures everything needed for a valid PHA, many industry leaders request it by name.

PHA-Pro is the world’s leading process hazard analysis (PHA) software and produced by Sphera Solutions. PHA-Pro is a time-efficient and flexible software tool that can be used to conduct a variety of PHAs including HAZOP, What-If Analysis, Layer of Production Analysis (LOPA) and Target Safety Integrity Levels Assignment (SIL). PHA-Pro is a best-in-class software which reduces total time to complete studies.

This course will ensure participants are proficient in PHA-Pro and are able to complete and customize studies. PHA-Pro is easily configured to support many standards such as OSHA 1910.119; Seveso II Directive; Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH); IEC 61511; ANSI/ISA S84.00.01, CCPS LOPA, EPA 40 CFR 40 CFR Part 68 RMP, IEC 61882, IEC 61508, CSA Standard Z1000, and ABSA AB-525.

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview & Getting started
  2. Setting up the Risk Matrix
  3.  Codes, Categories, and Links
  4. Creating the worksheet and setting up the recommendation worksheet
  5. Setting up the “Administration Tab”
  6. Recording Attendance
  7. Add Drawings and Equipment
  8. Documenting the Study Findings
  9. Complete the study Report
  10. Exporting the file