process safety management (PSM)

Course on Process Safety Management (“PSM”) in the New Millennium  You will leave this course with confidence to be the go-to person for PSM at your company and knowledge (including binder of info) to go back to your company with cost savings strategies and efficiencies to build a world class PSM.

Course Purpose:

For any industrial operation there comes a moment in time where the company’s management group realizes their compliance driven health and safety management system has reached the maximum level of capitalization of resource expenditure, in other words, the maximum bang for the buck is achieved and the systems starts to plateau. At that point the company can either continue to channel funds and resources into the process accepting the fact the system will no longer act as a stimulus for continuous growth or improvements OR the company can initiate an evolution to a risk management driven Process Safety Management system and begin to recapture the initiative in loss control.

Course Design:

The course is designed to introduce the participants not only the fundamental 20 elements that make up PSM standard, but also to provide them with a clear understanding of the how-to and benefits of moving to a PSM.  This is not a development course but rather it is designed to provide the participants with all the knowledge, understanding and tools necessary in order to return to their organizations to evaluate, develop and implement protocols and processes necessary to support a PSM system.

100 Years of Experience:

With over 100 years’ experience, the four presenters have built and applied PSM throughout their careers.  The presenters will pass on necessary learnings regarding how to determine the routes and approaches the participants need to follow to successfully map out their own existing H&S management systems and elevate to PSM standards.

All-Star Team of Instructors:

Aaron Van Ginhoven, P.Eng:

Randy Jaggard, P.Eng

Jochen “Joe” Dimigen, P.Eng

Chris Praestegaard

Course Location:

Calgary, Alberta

Course Cost:

The cost of the course is $675. Credit cards, cash and cheques are accepted.  Lunch is provided in the lounge at Waterfront.  Coffee and snacks included.


Next course will be offered early spring.

The course will begin at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 45 minute lunch break.