SDS offers a course on Safety and the Supervisor.  The course of objectives is for the participants to:

  • Understand, create and enforce health and safety programming
  • Fulfill legal requirements for health and safety
  • Know your duties and those of your employer and coworkers, and
  • Understand and know-how to perform due diligence.
  • Use time management and communication to become a better leader
  • Properly train and coach workers in the safe performance of their duties
  • Conduct risk assessments and safety inspections

The course covers the following topics:

1.     Legal Requirements

a.     Rights and responsibilities of employers and supervisors

b.     Due Diligence

c.     OHS Code and Regulation

d.     Reporting

2.     Occupational health and safety programs

a.     Benefits of OHS programs

b.     Elements of successful plans

c.     How to implement and evaluate programs

3.     Effective leadership

a.     Safety Culture

b.     Time management

c.     Communication

d.     Training

e.     Feedback

f.      Enforcement

g.     Leading to safer lifestyles

h.     Risk assessment

i.      Assessing Risk

j.      Job Task Analysis

k.     Inspections

l.      Incident Investigation