Field Verification

In addition to updating redlined drawings, SDS also field verifies drawings of many clients.

In fact, some of SDS field verification projects have included some of the largest facilities in Alberta. SDS qualified and fully-ticketed field verifiers will take a “snap shot” of an area of the facility capturing all equipment and instrumentation by walking the system line by line. The data obtained will be returned to our drafting department and used to produce clear and accurate drawings.  Due to the efficient collaboration between field verifiers and drafters, SDS has built a reputation of accuracy, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness when completing as-builts. Clients return to SDS because they save money and time. Plus, clients are assured that SDS will get the job done right. As an ISO 9001 registered company, SDS takes pride in meeting our high standards and exceeding customer expectations on every project. The SDS team will make that each project is "done right" to the unique specification of each client.