ISO 9001:2015 Management Review

Management Review is essential in maintaining a quality management system that is compliant to the ISO 9001 standard.  SDS experts have assisted many clients in conducting these reviews.

ISO 9001 specifically states that the purpose of the Management Review is to ensure that the QMS is adequate, suitable, and effective and should be held at "planned intervals" such as quarterly or annually. To accomplish this purpose, SDS experts assist clients in:

  1. Developing a management review agenda which meets the ISO 9001:2015 criteria. Agenda items could include operational performance indicators, results of audits, customer feedback, non-conformance, corrective and preventive actions, recommendations and targets for improvement, training, etc.

  2. Gathering records and data and then organizing in a way that creates productive discussion that leads to good decision making.

  3. Enlisting senior management, supervisors, and compliance officers who are essential in making the Management Review effective.

  4. Conducting the Management Review which results in good dialogue.  The SDS consultant will speak the language of the organization and not get the Management review bogged down in the ISO 9001 jargon and keep the meeting focused on decision making that will result in achievements and profitability for the organization.

SDS believes that a Management Review can be much more than meeting the ISO 9001:2015 standard, it can help an organization realize its full potential and make excellence a standard.

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