2019 Safety Training CourseS

SDS Consulting Corp will be providing 2 courses each 4-hours long. The cost of this course is $125.

A successful Joint Health and Safety Committee will make your H&S Program efficient and cost effective. Our courses aim to benefit Joint H&S Committee Members, Senior Management, Supervisors, and those in Leadership positions.

Featured courses:

  • Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control ($125)

    • Hazards faced in the workplace

    • Identification of hazards

    • Understanding and assessing hazards

    • Controlling hazards to reduce potential losses

    • OH&S regulations relating to hazard analysis

  • Introduction to Incident and Accident Investigations ($125)

    • OH&S regulations relating to incident investigation

    • Investigation fundamentals

    • Differences between and incident, accident, and near miss

    • Benefits of investigations

    • Fact Finding Exercises

Maximize the Effectiveness of your Health and Safety Program