Electrical Design

In addition to updating redlined drawings, SDS also field verifies drawings of many clients.

At SDS, we do Electrical Engineering and Design work for High, Medium and Low Voltage power systems. We work in different industries including: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Pulp & Paper and Power Facilities. Our expertise in Greenfield and Brownfield work enables us to provide the following services:

  • Asset Integrity and Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • Regular inspection and test plans for electrical equipment.
    • Update equipment information and loading data to ensure safe operating limits and possibilities for safe future expansions
    • Complete work packages to replace faulty equipment
  •  Canadian Electrical Code Compliance
    • Electrical Support for Small and Large Capital Projects
    • Work packages for new electrical installations, existing electrical installation, equipment modifications and retrofitting, turnaround / shutdown support, construction support / RFI.
    • Development of electrical drawings and layouts including: Single Line Diagrams, Wiring and Schematics, Area Classification, Cable Routing and Substation Arrangement
    • Technical evaluation and procurement of electrical equipment
  • Field Verifications and Investigations
    • Root cause analysis for constant equipment failure
    • Electrical as-building
  • Electrical project management
    • Preparing estimates and schedules of work from inception to completion.
  • Specialized Electrical Studies
    • Electrical load analysis.
    • Power system modeling and studies: fault calculations, load flow, motor starting analysis, ground grid design, harmonic analysis, protection setting and coordination, arc hazard and transient analysis.
    • Area classification studies.