Contractor Registries (ISNetworld/Complyworks/Avetta)

To streamline contractor and supplier pre-qualification, many companies now use third-party verification and contractor management services such as ISNetworld, Complyworks, Avetta (formerly PICS) and ContractorCheck.


SDS has helped many clients in Alberta with achieving and maintaining compliance with contractor registries. This Important process increases exposure to potential business, allows clients to bid on new projects, and to maintain good standing with current customers.

The team at SDS includes many experts in compliance management systems such as ISNetworld, Complyworks, Avetta, nd ContractorCheck. SDS has made this process as simple and efficient as possible for its clients in order to save money and time. SDS has a sense of urgency in making sure its clients comply with customer specific requirements and continue to be qualified in order to grow their business.

SDS has consultants experienced with ISNetworld (ISN) who are well versed in the Review and Verification Services (RAVS) process. RAVS are written, job-specific health and safety programs that are individually uploaded for compliance verification and approval.

Simply posting procedures is frequently not enough to become accredited with third-party contractor management services. Training and evidence of due diligence are required. No matter the obstacle to accreditation, SDS has successfully and efficiently guided its clients through this process. This has allowed their clients to focus on daily business without being overwhelmed by requirements from contractor management services. SDS has built a reputation as the go-to provider “when you need it done right”.

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