Quality Assurance / Quality Control Inspector 

SDS Consulting’s QA/QC Inspection professionals are responsible for a number of duties and work in every aspect of the Canadian oil & gas industry. These individuals will make sure that your equipment and parts are operating correctly as well as meeting industry and regulatory standards. SDS inspectors can investigate any incidents or issues and will work with your Engineers and Quality Managers to identify and minimize future incidents. SDS inspectors pride themselves on being able to perform quality evaluations on standard and routine processes and products according to engineering drawings, specifications, prescribed methods, and instructions.

SDS inspectors will all have great attention to detail, experience in developing and maintaining quality standards and ensuring their proper implementation. SDS inspectors are qualified and competent to:



  • Ensure Regulatory and client standards are in compliance
  • Maintain logs, filling out nonconforming material reports, and other required records of inspection and tests
  • Assure that inspection gages and equipment are in current calibration
  • Be Responsible for conducting magnetic particle and penetrant testing 
  • Report to management on the performance of the QMS and any need for improvement
  • Coordinate the activities of QC Documentation
  • Conduct quality inspections, monitor their execution, follow-up and close-out
  • Read blueprints and specifications  
  • Distribute written Quality Assurance results to appropriate parties
  • Act as liaison with owner, regulatory agencies, architect/engineers, and contractors on quality related matters as required
  • Provide training of personnel to ensure awareness of quality procedures and specific responsibilities in the QA/QC process

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